Leaving a Legacy

I’m still on a high from the fitness conference I attended last weekend and wanted to share a little of what I learned with you.
One of my favorite presenters, Martin Rooney said:
“You are in the 2nd or 3rd quarter of your life.  What do you want to be remembered by?  What legacy do you want to leave behind?
He went on to say..
“Your life won’t be measured by what you got from the world, but rather what you gave back to it.”
This week has been especially memorable for me and it started with our Transformation Tuesday story, Janie.  I’ve already witnessed her story completing change and inspire the lives of those around her.
P.S – If you haven’t read it yet, do it NOW!  
She shared her journey of personal growth (or in her case shrinking!) and it has already made a lasting impact and changed the course of direction of others.
People say there are two great days in a person’s life: the day you were born and the day you discover why.
2 Great Days
What’s your why?

I challenge you to carve out about 10 minutes today and think about how you will leave your legacy behind.  Start with  answering these questions on a sheet of paper.

1. Make a list of all of your best personal qualities.  Don’t stop writing until you’ve filled up the whole piece of paper.

2. Which of those qualities can you put into action to give value back to those around you?

3. Choose ONE thing that you will do so that you’ll leave a lasting impact.  Put a deadline next to it.

4. Share it!  Put it out there.  Share on Facebook and tag Bay View Boot Camp and share it with at least one friend in person.  It makes it real!!
Cheers to leaving a legacy,
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Transformation Tuesday: Janie F.

I have the pleasure of introducing you to one of our 6 AM ROCKSTARS, Janie.  Janie came to lose some weight after her second son.. but really I’ve been a witness to her gaining so much confidence, energy, and enthusiasm.  She transformed from being “in” boot camp.. to being “into” it.. and now our 6 AM crew would hands down not be the same without her.  I learn from her week after week and I’m seriously so thrilled that she decided to share her story with you.  Please read on for Janie’s story.. in her own words. 

Janie Family“My boot camp journey began in June, after the birth of my second son. While I was proud that I had carried and naturally birthed another healthy baby boy (after all, that is what’s most important), I couldn’t believe I had 26 pounds to lose to get back to pre-baby weight. At 31 years old, I was the heaviest I’d ever been. Losing that weight seemed like an impossible mountain to climb, and with an active 20-month-old boy, and a newborn who was nursing every 2 hours through the night, I didn’t know how I would ever find the time and energy to start working out and eating right again.

Over and over, I tried to get my eating back under control, but as a stay-at-home mom, I really struggled with saying no to bad foods, as I spent much of the day with the pantry in easy reach. Also, the little cheats (eating my son’s Goldfish or buying my favorite coffee cake at Mazzaro’s) seemed small in light of the huge amount of weight I needed to lose. It seemed impossible.

One day, my friend and I were walking with our strollers at North Shore, and I spotted the 8am camp. Later that week, I Googled Laura Forte and signed up for the free week. My first 6am class was… well, I’ll be honest: it was awful. My alarm went off at 4:30am (I had to feed my baby before I left), and as I was getting ready, I was thinking: “There is NO way I will be sticking with this. I’m going to get my free week and get out.” When I got to camp, I was intimidated by how hard core everyone was. Even the warm-up lap seemed like a sprint to me.

Since that first day, a lot has happened. I stuck with it. The first couple weeks were hard. There were mornings when I’d barely slept the night before, but I still got up out of bed. (I laugh now as I recall what I’d tell myself to get up on those mornings: “Your fat doesn’t care that you’re tired! Get up!”) I made the choice to stay consistent, and before I knew it, the 6am boot camp hour was my sanctuary. My “me time.” My 1 hour a day that I was alone and able to focus completely on myself. When I started thinking of it that way, it was no longer a chore. It was a luxury… that I started to crave.

Soon enough, that craving for exercise started to edge out my cravings for fattening foods, and I turned a corner during the Fit By Fall Challenge. Laura’s “rules” for eating clean were the first time anyone had ever explained to me WHY I should avoid processed foods, and I loved having a detailed eating plan to follow. Before that, “eating well” still meant meant cheese on my salads, Splenda in my morning coffee, and sugar-free Jello with fat-free Cool Whip for my afternoon sweet cravings. Now, I start every morning with a green smoothie. I eat real food, like dates with almonds, to satisfy my sweet tooth. And I plan our family dinners around vegetables, not meat and starch. I even surprised myself by really quitting bread and most dairy.

Janie Skinny JeansSince August, thanks to Bay View Boot Camp, I’ve lost 25 pounds and 8% body fat. I can honestly say I have more energy than I EVER have before, which comes in handy with 2 boys under 2 1/2 years old. I have more patience, I am more thankful and I tend to extend more grace to others. I’m fitting into my skinniest jeans. Scratch that, my skinniest jeans are too big and I recently had to buy another pair. Oh yeah, and my husband is really enjoying it too. ;) In fact, he recently told me that I look better now than I did in high school. WIN.

But one of the biggest changes I’ve made is not physical at all. With Laura’s help (along with other boot camp encouragers like Deb, Lauren, Ryan and Molly), I’ve stopped being so hard on myself. Before, I had a defeatist, ‘all or nothing’ attitude about eating and exercise. If I couldn’t be perfect at it, I didn’t want to do it at all. That set me up for a never-ending ride on a see-saw, going from perfect eating to binge eating and back again. While I’m still a work in progress, I’ve learned that the sooner I “forgive” myself for being human, the sooner I can get back on the wagon and continue working hard to be the person I want to be.

Another big aspect to the changes in my lifestyle are centered on reminding myself that I AM WORTH IT. Before, when I wanted to drink a cocktail, eat a fattening meal, or hit the snooze button and blow off a workout, I would tell myself that I deserved it. “I work hard, I’m stressed, I’m tired, I want to enjoy life.” Then I would indulge, only to feel worse about myself an hour later. Now, when those lies start going through my head, I stop myself. I remind myself that I don’t deserve that cocktail or unhealthy food. Actually, I deserve BETTER than that. That donut, piece of pizza or beer will feel good for about 2 minutes. But my healthy choices will make me feel good all day long. “Put it back! It’s not worth it!”

I have 2 main pieces of advice:

1.) Stick with it. Consistency will get you there. It’s science. It doesn’t matter if you messed up yesterday. Do better today.

2.) Thank your support system. I thank my husband every day for getting up with our kids at 5am so I can leave the house. If he didn’t make that sacrifice for me, there’s no way I’d be able to do it. 

Thanks for reading my story!”

Janie Transformation

Janie thank you for sharing your story!!  If Janie has inspired you at boot camp or through her story, please leave her a comment below!

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Re-Invent Yourself 2014 Transformation Challenge Starts January 20th

2014 Transformation Graphic

Our upcoming transformation challenge begins on January 20th and registration will close on Friday the 17th.

Week 1 Meal Plan & Grocery List will go out that Friday so you will have the weekend to do your shop & prep.

Register now and save your spot:


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Transformation Tuesday: Erin Beck

Can’t wait to share with you Erin’s story.  She always has a ‘no excuses’ attitude – and she’ll even go for a run before/after boot camp so she can hit her goals.  She doesn’t find the time for exercise.. she makes the time.  So proud of her and all she has achieved this year!  Read her story and let it be momentum to get you inspired!!

“I caught the fitness bug years ago while trying to lose a few pounds for my wedding. I started with workout videos and walking, took some Jazzercise classes at the local rec center, and eventually joined a gym. I managed to lose a few pounds and maintain my weight, but working out started to feel like a chore.

erin b and a
I was also tired of feeling weak and tired, and wanted to look and feel strong instead of just “get skinny.” So I joined a different boot camp through my school and loved the camaraderie and the variety of exercises. It was only offered twice a week though, and I needed more. I also wasn’t feeling challenged anymore.

So when the art teacher at the school I teach at mentioned Bay View Boot Camp’s free boot camp/ school supply drive, I was definitely interested.

After that one free class, I signed up for a week, and I was hooked. It wasn’t easy, but I loved it! I decided to sign up because I knew I was pushing myself (and being pushed!) much harder than I ever would on my own at the gym or at-home workouts.

I felt accountable to the group, and to Laura, and because I was paying monthly, I made it a point to go as often as possible to get my money’s worth!!

Bay View Boot Camp brought a competitive side out of me I thought was only reserved for Scrabble! I found myself trying to sprint a little faster, squeeze out that last push-up, or jump rope a little quicker than the guy next to me. Being a clumsy, awkward kid (literally the last one chosen for sports teams in middle school), it felt good to finally be good at something!

This didn’t happen overnight, of course. But I was amazed at how fast I erin beck 5k racewas gaining strength and endurance. Laura’s fit tests every 5 weeks or so really proved that to me as well.

I was also surprised at how much my running improved as a result of my strength training. The speed work and agility exercises we do have improved my 5K time by 5 minutes over the last year! I placed second in my age group at a 5K in May- it was the best feeling.

The clean eating tips and meal plans from the two challenges I’ve participated in through Bay View Boot Camp have helped me to be in my best shape ever at 36. I’ve turned into one of those people praising the virtues of green smoothies! My boyfriend rolls his eyes at my protein powder, Ezekiel bread, flax seed, and fish oil, but I’ll convert him one day! :)

Last but certainly not least, I’ve met some really great people, and felt supported and encouraged on my fitness journey. Laura really cares for her clients, and it shows. I have lost a few pounds, gained muscle mass and confidence, as well as gaining a whole boot camp family. Worth every penny.

My advice for anyone who’s in need of a recharge, looking to get healthy and release some stress, is to take the leap and give it a try. You’ll be glad you did.”  

SO awesome, Erin!  Can’t wait to see what new records you break next year! :)  Please leave a note for Erin below and help her keep up the momentum in her fitness journey.
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Transformation Tuesday: Gail

I am so very excited to share with you this week’s ‘Transformation Tuesday’ story.  

I would call this woman one of my heroes.  She inspires me weekly not only because of her 100% commitment to each and every workout and transformation challenge.  She gives that in life, too.  Not only has she had an incredible physical transformation, I’ve seen her become more confident and empowered through changing her lifestyle.  Please welcome Gail and read about her story.. in her own words.

My life before boot camp was pretty sedentary.  I spent a lot of time at home taking care of our special needs son, and he was getting bigger and stronger and I was getting weaker.  I also struggled with anxiety.

Gail Transformation B and AI was at Tropical Smoothie one day and saw Laura’s card.  I decided to try boot camp because I realized it was time to get strong and in shape.  Since the first week was free (click here for your free trial week), what did I have to lose?!!!  Well, I will tell you…… a total of 25 pounds and 12+% body fat.

After my initial free week, Laura was doing a 21 day challenge, which included a meal plan and unlimited boot camp.  I knew I could commit 3 weeks, so I signed up.  Well I ended up losing 11 pounds which was awesome, but the biggest difference I noticed was the way I felt.  I had less stomach issues and much more energy.  I was hooked.  Since then I try to make it to boot camp at least 4 times a week and have done every challenge that Laura has had.  I have learned so much about fueling my body with the right foods and how important it is to take care of myself in order to take care of others.

I love my new lifestyle because not only do I feel better physically, but mentally as well.  Obviously losing weight and getting in shape are great benefits, but I have much less anxiety.  After seeing my results, it inspired my husband and daughter to start boot camp.  Also, the support and encouragement from not only Laura but other boot campers as well is worth more than words can say.  A great group of people led by an awesome trainer.

Gail back arms

My advice for others would be that it’s never too late.  I didn’t start boot camp until I was almost 45, and I am in the best shape of my life.

You ROCK Gail!!!  Please leave a note of encouragement below and congratulate Gail on her awesome success so far.  If you want to try us for our one week free trial special, click here and start tomorrow!

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Transformation Tuesday: Dominique

Dominique credits boot camp for refueling her passion for exercising and transforming her body in ways that running and hot yoga fell short.  I love her motto of “nothing ventured, nothing gained” and how she continues to challenge herself week over week.  She will sometimes even come two times in one day.. which motivates me to continue to write more and more creative workouts!  She wrote her story to inspire you.  Here it is, in Dominique’s words.

My life “pre – boot camp” – I was always active and enjoyed running, yoga and other fitness activities. I stopped running because it began to feel like a chore and I wasn’t looking forward to my running routine. I lost my motivation. I practiced yoga at least 3 – 4 times a week; however, I wasn’t seeing results like I thought I should given the amount of times I was going and I was getting bored. I don’t believe my heart rate was reaching the level it should, especially since I was practicing “hot yoga” and the room was 104 degrees.

Why’d I sign up? I wasn’t finding any activities motivating. I wasn’t exactly unhappy with my body but I wasn’t being challenged. A friend of mine told me about Bay View Boot Camp and asked me to join him. The first day I went I loved it. I enjoyed the music and how we were constantly changing the exercises. Every time I went back it was different and unpredictable. That kept it challenging and interesting. After 50 minutes of a work out I was exhausted. Within two weeks I could see results.

dominique bay view boot camp transformation tuesday

What do I love most about my new lifestyle? I have a lot more energy. Having never been a morning person I am surprised at how I have changed and attend the 6:00 am classes. Often times I attend both the 6:00 am and the 6:00 pm classes (click here for full schedule).

I feel a great deal stronger and I love doing exercises I used to hate; such as full sit ups. I run faster now and I can do full pushups – 20 easily, whereas before I could barely do one. I also sleep a lot better and feel fully rested in the morning.

I look forward to boot camp and attend at least 5 days a week. It is a stress reliever and has increased my patience. 

My advice for others who in a similar situation to myself? I tell all my friends about boot camp and tell them to try it for at least a week. It’s changed the way I feel about exercising and how I feel physically. Always challenge yourself and try something new. This has transformed my body and it’s a 50 minute class! Nothing ventured nothing gained.

We are SO proud of you Dominique.  If Dominique’s story has inspired you in some way, please leave her a note below and thank her for sharing.  

Also – if you want to take Dominique’s advice with challenging yourself and trying something new, join us for a 5 for $5 week trial and see what ‘boot camp’ is all about!

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Transformation Tuesday: Joni R.

Wishing a Happy One-Year Boot Camp Anniversary to Joni Reese!!  We are SO proud of her and her incredible success this past year.  I’ve had the pleasure of training Joni 3 times a week – she comes every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 6 AM boot camp.  Her story is totally relatable and very inspiring.. which is why we wanted to share it with you.

Transformation Tuesday Joni R

Q: What was your life like pre – Bay View Boot Camp?

I’ve always been active my entire life (softball, volleyball, biking, sailing) but never had any desire to, nor did any formal exercise or went to the gym.

I was experiencing some changes to my body as I’ve gotten older, and although I had quit smoking 1-1/2 years prior to joining Bay View Boot Camp, which was a huge improvement, I still had a huge lack of energy, and was just feeling weak.

Q: What made you decide to sign up?

I had been complaining for several weeks (maybe months) about my lack of energy and strength – particularly one day while sailing our sailboat.  Sailing being our passion, I realized I had to do something.  Gail put an invite under my nose to join the Little Black Dress Project so I decided to try it.

Q: What do you love most about your new lifestyle?

The ENERGY I have back!  The strength I’ve regained!  And the weight that I’ve lost!

Q: What has been your results/experiences from boot camp/eating better?

I never expected to experience what I’ve have over the last year:

I used hardly ever cook.  We ate out A LOT!  I didn’t really know how to cook anything except potatoes, onions with cheese in a foil pouch on a grill, or pizza, or pasta, or rice.  I HATED making salads (which my husband loves).  Too many ingredients to chop up – ugh.

Then the recipe book for the LBD project arrived and I was not really looking forward to it, and I told myself I would try it for at least 1 week, and “we’ll see”.  Well, 1 week lead to 2, and so on.  The food was really, really, delicious.  Even my husband loved everything I prepared.  And with the meals already planned, and recipes provided it was so easy.  I still cook many of those same recipes today.

As for boot camp itself, I was not excited about it before I started the project, so I told myself it is now part of my job.  Like getting up and having going to school or go to work – you just have to do it.

But, I LOVE HOW I FEEL ALL DAY LONG, AFTER GOING TO BOOT CAMP! I go 3 days a week, and I’ve lost, and have kept off, 18-20 lbs (depending on the day).  I’ve lost an average of 2″, and 10% body fat.  My clothes fit great!  I now have tons of energy!  I love how I feel!

People have notice the changes and ask what I’ve been doing and I tell them about Bay View Boot Camp and how amazing Laura is as an instructor.  She’s motivating, super enthusiastic, and supportive.  Every class is different, and there are frequently new exercises I’m introduced to, so it keeps it interesting and challenging.

Because of Bay View Boot Camp, and with my new found skills of planning meals, preparing food and actually cooking, I’ve discovered a whole new way of a healthy lifestyle.  Thank you Laura Forte!

Q: What is your advice for others who were in a similar situation to yourself?

Most people fear change.  But change can be good!  I wanted to change how I felt.  So, (accidentally or not) I changed what I was doing everyday.  And Wow!

Congratulations Joni on your amazing success this past year!  If you know Joni and her story has inspired you, please leave her a note below and wish her a Happy 1 Year Anniversary. :)

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